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1990: thirty years after Africa's wave of independences, the end of the cold war and the dramatic political changes taking place around the world, inspire a generation of young Africans to take the streets and challenge the one-party state and its attendant nepotism, corruption and economic failure. In a daring free style construction, Afrique, je te plumerai mixes past and present, establishing a link between yesterday's colonial experience and today's violence and corruption in Cameroon, the only African country colonized by three European powers. Afrique, je te plumerai provides a devastating overview of 100 years of cultural genocide in Africa. Provocative, idiosyncratic, playfully arch and sardonic...Even 30 years after independence, this African nation is searching for its identity. Philadelphia Inquirer Lays out what could be African modernity. It constructs the African landscape as a place of loss and places the African subject as divided between what is and what never was. Liberation (Paris) A stinging rebuke of European colonialism…gives potent evidence that the independence won from the French was more ceremonial than substantial. San Francisco Chronicle A vast mine of information...a sound investment for all types of libraries. Four Stars. Video Rating Guide for Libraries

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Les Films du Raphia

Les FILMS DU RAPHIA, SARL au capital de 49 545 €, fondée en 1987 par Jean-Marie TENO et Catherine PUISEUX, produisent et distribuent des documentaires et des fictions de court et de long-métrage, pour la télévision et le cinéma. D’abord centrée sur l’Afrique, la thématique des films s’est élargie sur une analyse du monde contemporain dans son ensemble. + plus